Silver Package
Platinum Wash Plus:
     - Clay and Hand Wash
     - Complete Interior
Starting @ $349.99
It`s like sunscreen for your vehicle
Hand Wax Special; Starting @ $89.99
Best Value
Complete Interior Starting @ $219.99
You guys do a great job and I am a very particular person when it comes to the cleanliness of my car. I really love to clean my own car but I am getting a little to old and handicapped to do it myself any more. just keep up the good work!
David S
San Francisco , CA
LOVE your car wash!
Mary D
San Francisco, CA
I have had a Basic Car Wash at Auto City 12 times. (I know this because the 11th was the freebie I got after 10 car washes.) Every car wash was perfectly satisfactory. Yes, it can get very busy and take a long time, but that`s because there`s only one car wash and it can`t be sped up. I recommend Auto City Car Wash without reservation.

Concerning tips, there is a big tip box next to the store entrance, but no one notices if you tip or not. I don`t think many people tip.
Walter R
Daily City, CA
Ruben s
south san francisco, CA